Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Pack your bag and put on your red traveller's hat. Get your ticket, your passport and your adventurous ass on the road. Stand in line for the security check, take off your shoes and listen to the engines of the planes outside roar impatiently. See those big steel birds with a black box, an autopilot, and lots of free drinks on board? They can take you anywhere.

Let's get away. Let's see the world for what it really is. We are no longer tourists, we are explorers. Our eyes are wide open to see, to experience, to understand. We have the freedom now. We are no longer confined in the solitude of our own limitations and ignorance. Let's go to France and Italy and Spain. Let's eat fried bugs in Bangkok and raw fish in Tokyo. Let's salsa in Havana and tango in Buenos Aires. The beaches, and the mountains, and the planes, and the oceans. This is our world now.

We are the plane-hoppers.

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